BREAD studio is a design consultancy established and registered in London which has recently expanded to Hong Kong. It was founded in 2008 by a group of professionals with extensive experience from international renowned practices.

The practice specializes in Parametric Green DesignTM, a cutting edge design methodology to integrate sustainability into building performance. Prior setting up BREAD, the group has extensive professional experience from international renowned practices. With BREAD, the trio has designed projects at a wide range of scales from residential & commercial, up to the scale of landscape design, infrastructure and urban planning. The group’s research and design works have gained international attention and had been exhibited and published extensively across Europe and Asia.

We are also a multi-disciplinary practice which our team consists of Quantity Surveyor and business specialist, together with their expertise, we were confident in delivering projects on time and on budget in the past. With the recent joining of Edwin TAM to lead the business development and Quantity Surveyor Max Li to monitor the project management, BREAD is in progress of realizing projects in China and Hong Kong.

BREAD Studio offers a wide range of design services including architecture and interior design, urban planning, workspace consultancy, 3D visualization and CG animation, parametric consultancy, product design and graphic design. With the team’s global experience, our office is able to cope with various living standards, styles and cultures. Among those, we had extensive experience in delivering high-profile and due to thebackground of the three founding architects who had worked in international reowned practice.
With our diverse and prolific portfolio, multidisciplinary team and their outstanding resume, our we have been proved competent in delivering projects from conception to completion, on time and on budget.